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Applies to first year only
Seven mile towing 
Discounted rental car rates 
Free Hertz membership with enrollment; Get Hertz Gold Plus Rewards Bonus Points, after the first Gold rental, enough for one free rental day.
You pay for fuel 
Identity Theft Monitoring
ProtectMyID® Essential

Free to members with Daily Credit Monitoring

Email Alerts and Fraud Resolution Support

Vehicle Locksmith ServiceUp to $60 
20% Discount on Vehicle History Reporting 
Personal Notary Service $7 

Up to 4 additional service calls per household for RV, motorcycle or recreational trailer

RV Tire change and RV and Motorcycle Towing up to 100 driving miles.

Towing Benefits

When a vehicle cannot be started or safely driven due to a breakdown, accident, or other covered vehicle disablement, the independent service provider can tow the vehicle back to its facility, no matter how far away, at no charge to the member1. If the member chooses to have the vehicle towed to another location (including a AAA Approved Auto Repair facility), the following towing benefits apply:

  • Classic — Towed without charge to the destination of their choice up to seven driving miles in any direction from the point of breakdown.2
  • AAA Plus® Towed without charge to the destination of their choice up to 100 driving miles in any direction from the point of breakdown.2
  • AAA Premier® Towed without charge to the destination of their choice up to 200 driving miles for one Roadside Assistance service call per cardholder per membership year and up to 100 driving miles for the remaining service calls.2

1Not all independent service providers perform repairs at their facilities.

2Members receive up to four Roadside Assistance calls or reimbursements per membership year at no charge. There is a service charge for each additional call after the fourth call or reimbursement. AAA Plus and AAA Premier towing beyond seven miles may be subject to a delay. Towing beyond the benefits described above is at the member’s expense.

Member must be present when the vehicle is delivered to a closed repair facility. Towing beyond the benefits is at the member's expense and may be subject to a delay.

Rental Car Benefits

Auto Rental Assistance Program1

When you need a replacement vehicle because of mechanical breakdown or roadside emergency, AAA will help you arrange a rental car. Under this program, when you present your membership card, you’ll receive special discounts on replacement vehicles from preferred providers. It’s one of the easiest ways to rent while your vehicle is being repaired.

Additional AAA Plus and AAA Premier Car Rental Benefits1

In addition to discounted rates available through Auto Rental Assistance, AAA Plus members receive a complimentary one-car-class upgrade from any preferred rental car provider. The upgrade benefit must be used in conjunction with a tow. If the upgrade vehicle is not available, the member will receive the next higher car class, subject to availability.

AAA Premier Complimentary Rental Car1 (with in-state tow)

If AAA tows your vehicle in Southern California and you are stranded, ask us for help. We'll arrange a rental car for one day at no charge, from a preferred rental car provider. AAA Premier members are entitled to one complimentary one-day standard rental car per year, when the tow is one of four allowable Roadside Assistance calls. Service must be arranged through AAA and provided by a preferred provider. Members have up to 48 hours to request the rental, and are responsible for subsequent days' charges, upgrades, vehicle insurance, mileage, fuel charges, fees and taxes.

Once the one-day complimentary rental is used, AAA Premier members are entitled to discounts on rates plus a complimentary one car class upgrade. If an upgrade vehicle is not available, members will receive the next higher car class, subject to availability. The upgrade benefit must be used in conjunction with a tow.

1Each AAA cardholder is entitled to four roadside assistance service calls or reimbursements per membership year. A service charge will apply for each additional service call after the fourth call. All rental car benefits are valid only in the 13 Southern California counties served by the Automobile Club of Southern California. Rental car benefits must be in conjunction with an in-state tow, which is one of the four allowable Roadside Assistance calls. Normal rental qualifications, including age restrictions, and other restrictions apply. Rental Cars are subject to availability. Rates subject to change.

Emergency Fuel Delivery

AAA Premier and AAA Plus members are entitled, at no cost, to delivery of sufficient fuel to reach the nearest service station. Classic members must pay for the fuel. Diesel must be requested when you call for service and may not always be available.

Extraction/Winching Service

If your vehicle becomes stuck, one normally equipped service vehicle and one driver will be provided to extricate or winch your vehicle when it can be safely reached from a normally traveled road or established thoroughfare. Extrication of vehicles parked on streets, driveways, parking lots or alleys which are snowbound or flooded is not covered under AAA membership. Service does not include shoveling snow from around a vehicle or cleaning a road or driveway. If special equipment, more than one service vehicle or more than one person is required, the associated costs may be at your expense. AAA Plus and AAA Premier members will be provided up to two drivers and two service vehicles, if needed, at no additional charge. For extrication or winching of an RV or motorcycle, only members with Optional RV and Motorcycle Roadside Assistance will be provided up to two drivers and two service vehicles, if needed, at no additional charge.

Identity Theft Monitoring

AAA offers members a choice of identity theft monitoring products to help protect you from becoming a victim. ProtectMyID® Essential, provided by, an Experian® company, is a free benefit to all AAA members with daily monitoring of your Experian credit report, email alerts and identity theft fraud resolution support. ProtectMyIDTM, also provided by Experian, provides daily monitoring of all three credit bureaus, internet scanning to detect the use of your personal information online, change of address notifications to alert you if someone is trying to redirect your mail, and Lost Wallet Assistance, which allows you to securely store your credit and debit card numbers in one place.

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Global Travel Emergency Assistance

Rest easy the next time you’re on a domestic or international vacation. AAA Premier members have exclusive access to Global Travel Emergency Assistance 24 hours a day for services such as:

Medical provider referrals and prescription replacement arrangements.

Lost ticket and document replacement arrangements.

Emergency translation service arrangements.

Vehicle Locksmith Service

When AAA members lock their keys inside their vehicle, a service provider will attempt to gain entrance. If a locksmith is required, expenses are fully covered.

In event of lost or broken keys, keys locked in the trunk, or other lock-related emergencies, AAA will assist the member in locating a locksmith. AAA will also provide up to $60 for parts and labor when locksmith services are required.

AAA Plus members receive up to $100 and AAA Premier members up to $150 for parts and labor when a locksmith is required.

Reimbursement of Charges
When it is necessary to pay for service at commercial rates, request an itemized receipt listing the member's name, vehicle, and services rendered. For reimbursement consideration, present or send the original receipt and an explanation of the circumstances to any AAA branch within 60 days of the date of service. A reimbursement counts as a Roadside Assistance call.

Reimbursements for services, including those outside of California, will only be considered for services for which AAA normally does not charge.1 (Exception: Locksmith service will be reimbursed up to $60 with a Classic membership up to $100 with a AAA Plus membership or up to $150 with AAA Premier.) Reimbursement is not provided for taxi fares, telephone calls, rental cars, etc.

Members will be reimbursed for covered services at the prevailing commercial rates when AAA service was requested from a AAA club, but the membership could not be verified. Reimbursement will be issued upon subsequent verification that the member's valid membership was in effect at the time of service.

Partial Reimbursement
Only partial reimbursement, limited to the amount AAA would have paid an independent contract station to provide the service, will be made when AAA was not called to provide service. When towing is covered by an automobile insurance policy, the maximum refund of a tow bill will be limited to the amount AAA would have paid an independent contract station to provide the service.

1 California law requires that locksmiths obtain identification from persons receiving lockout/locksmith service. Be prepared to show your driver's license.

AAA Approved Auto Repair Facilities

If your vehicle needs work, look for a repair facility that displays the AAA-Approved Auto Repair sign. Each Approved Auto Repair facility meets our quality standards and backs its work with a guarantee good for 12 months or 12,000 miles whichever comes first. Find an Approved Auto Repair facility near you.

Select DMV Transactions

We have many common Department of Motor Vehicles forms online for download. And you can stop by your Auto Club office to take care of select DMV transactions, even on Saturdays at some locations. Renew your registration and get your sticker instantly. Transfer ownership for used vehicles, including boats, motorcycles and trailers. File a change of address. It's easy and saves time.

Vehicle History Reporting

As a Classic or AAA Plus member, you are entitled to a 20 percent discount on the purchase of vehicle history reports. AAA Premier Members are entitled to one (1) free report per household per membership year. To order a free report, please call AAA Premier services at 1-800-852-7188. Subsequent reports are available to AAA Premier members at a 40 percent discount.

Personal Notary Service

Notary Services are available (Monday through Friday) for most personal transactions at any AAA branch. Pricing, per signature:

  • AAA Premier members: FREE (up to 10 per day)
  • AAA Plus members: $4
  • Classic members: $7
  • Non-members: $10
  • Business-related transactions: $10

Please read these important tips before you have a document notarized.

Westways® Magazine

Members automatically receive Westways Magazine, AAA's bimonthly travel magazine, at no cost. Written expressly for members, Westways takes you to exciting destinations throughout your area and the world. You'll find out about upcoming cultural events in your area, music and stage performances, special events, art exhibitions, and sports events.

Westways is a good source for information on AAA benefits and services, as well as the latest discounts on local entertainment, travel, and a variety of products and services. The magazine also covers insurance, legislation and automotive safety issues.

Roadside Assistance for Your RV and Motorcycle, Too

Enjoy more peace of mind while vacationing in your recreational vehicle, towing your boat or ATV trailer, or while riding your motorcycle1 with our optional RV and Motorcycle Towing and RV Tire Change service. It entitles you to up to four RV or motorcycle towing or RV tire change service calls per household each membership year. It also covers your boat trailer, fifth-wheel trailer, or utility trailer carrying recreational equipment, whether you own, borrow, or rent it. The towing benefit is up to 100 driving miles.

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1Motorcycles that are licensed for highway use and are not altered, constructed or customized in such a way to cause damage or create a hazard when being serviced are eligible for service under RV and motorcycle towing and RV tire change service. Certain limitations on motorcycle towing apply. Boat trailers, personal watercraft trailers and ATV trailers must be either empty or transporting recreational vehicles or equipment. Utility trailers must be carrying recreational equipment (for non-commercial use). Commercial trailers are excluded. Service does not included transportation of horses. Please see the Member Guide for details. Members who have Optional RV and Motorcycle Roadside Assistance are entitled to an additional four (4) Roadside Assistance calls or reimbursements for RV or motorcycle towing or RV tire change service per household per membership year.

Upgrading Your Membership - New members can join the Auto Club at the Classic level of benefits only. Existing members with Classic level of benefits are eligible to upgrade to AAA Plus® or AAA Premier® if the primary member in the membership household has been a primary member of the Auto Club for the prior 90 days and there have been no tows in the membership household through the Auto Club during this same period. Existing members with AAA Plus level of benefits may upgrade to AAA Premier at any time. Former members of the Auto Club who previously had Plus or Premier level of benefits within the past 365 days can rejoin at the Plus or Premier benefit level. AAA Plus and AAA Premier Roadside Assistance benefits and Optional RV and Motorcycle benefits are effective 7 calendar days after purchase date if paid in full.

RV/Motorcycle Roadside Assistance services are effective seven calendar days after purchase if paid in full.

Annual membership eligibility, dues, fees, benefits and services are subject to change without notice. An individual may have only one membership. All applications and renewals are subject to approval and acceptance by the Automobile Club of Southern California. Annual subscription price for Westways is included in the Membership dues. This amount cannot be deducted. Returned checks and returned electronic payments may be re-presented electronically for payment. Each returned check and returned electronic payment is subject to a returned payment fee. For returned electronic payments, this fee may be debited electronically.